Woodforest Charitable Foundation donates $5,000 to F.A.C.E.

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CINCINNATI, OH– Woodforest Charitable Foundation’s recent contribution to For Aids Children Everywhere (F.A.C.E.) will help support their program that assists and educates families and children with AIDS.

Over the past 13 years F.A.C.E. has helped many children with AIDS and their families. For many F.A.C.E. is a critical link in the well-being of families suffering with AIDS.  The goal of F.A.C.E. is to provide support to the entire family’s personal and emotional needs.  F.A.C.E. helps sustain these families by providing items such as food, clothing, counseling, and transportation to and from clinic visits, support groups, and outings. 

“We would like to offer our gratitude for Woodforest Charitable Foundation’s donation of $5,000 to F.A.CE.  AIDS is a costly disease and can drain resources quickly, especially since some of the families we work with have both parents and children infected,” said Kelly Chambers, President of F.A.C.E.  “The burden continues to fall upon those who can least afford it.  Concerned companies like Woodforest help ease the financial strain of people who are already stressed from the emotional and physical demands of living with AIDS.  We thank you once again for your continued support of F.A.CE.”

For more information about For Aids Children Everywhere, please call (513) 584-3571 or visit

The Woodforest Charitable Foundation was created by Woodforest National Bank in 2005 as a direct result of its desire to support and invest in the communities in which it serves.  The Foundation is creating a legacy of commitment to those in need, enriching lives and communities through dedicated leadership and faithful administration by providing funding to qualifying 501(c)(3) charities.  For additional information regarding The Woodforest Charitable Foundation, call (832) 375-CARE (2273) or visit the Foundation’s website at
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