Food Bank of North Alabama receives $1,830 donation from WCF.

Food Bank of North Alabama receives $1,830 donation from WCF.

Photo Caption:Presenting a $1,830 donation to Richard Hartz, Agency Coordinator, Food Bank of North Alabama is Vicki Richmond, Treasurer, Woodforest Charitable Foundation, with Woodforest National Bank Managers from the Alabama area.

HUNTSVILLE, AL – Food Bank of North Alabama welcomes a $1,830 donation from Woodforest Charitable Foundation.  Since 1984, the Food Bank has been responsible for providing direct food bank support to 11 counties and more than 8,000 square miles of North Alabama. Across these 11 counties, 140,228 people lived at or below the poverty level in 2010.
The mission of Food Bank of North Alabama is to  procure, warehouse] and distribute food products in support to North Alabama’s needy ,ill and children as they are a regionally-based organization proactively committed to finding solutions to help end hunger and poverty. The food bank offers numerous programs such as shelters for homeless, soup kitchens, low-income daycare providers, after school programs, emergency food pantries, and shelter for abused women and children.

“We hope to move 7 million pounds of aid to over 100,000 people this year. It is a difficult job, but your foundation’s unselfish contributions have made our work much easier, and for that we are truly grateful,” said Richard Hartz, Agency Coordinator of Food Bank of North Alabama.

One of the four feeding programs that Food Bank of North Alabama offers is their Backpack Program. Many of the children that the food bank supports receive their only decent meal in the free lunch school program. To prevent students from coming to class Monday morning undernourished and tired, the Food Bank, in partnership with several affiliated agencies, offer food filled backpacks for the children to take home and eat over the weekend. Since January 2008, ten agencies have participated in the program with volunteers packing and delivering backpacks full of food. Items included each week are applesauce, stew, lasagna, and milk.

For more information on Woodforest Charitable Foundation’s contributions to this organization, please refer to the 2010 article on our website.  To contact this agency directly, call (256) 539-2256 or visit

The Woodforest Charitable Foundation was created by Woodforest National Bank in 2005 as a direct result of its desire to support and invest in the communities in which it serves.  The Foundation is creating a legacy of commitment to those in need, enriching lives and communities through dedicated leadership and faithful administration by providing funding to qualifying 501(c) (3) charities. For additional information regarding The Woodforest Charitable Foundation, call (832) 375-CARE (2273) or visit the foundation’s website at .

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