Woodforest Charitable Foundation Donates $3,150 to The King’s Ranch and Hannah Homes

The King’s Ranch and Hannah Homes Receives $3,150 Donation (Nov ‘09)

Photo Caption:Woodforest Branch Managers from across the state joined Judy Davis, Alabama Regional Vice President; Michelle Watkins of The King’s Ranch and Hannah Homes; Lew Burdette, President of The King’s Ranch and Hannah Homes; Dr. David Gottlieb of Woodforest Charitable Foundation and Kim Marling, Vice President of Woodforest Charitable Foundation.

Chelsea, Alabama - Woodforest Charitable Foundation has recently made a $3,150 contribution to The King’s Ranch and Hannah Homes located in Chelsea, Alabama.

For over 30 years, The King's Ranch and Hannah Homes has become home to hundreds of youth, women, and children seeking refuge, hope, and help from difficult circumstances.
The King's Ranch is dedicated to providing loving homes in a Christian environment for boys and girls who have been victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Through their Family Home Program, they offer unconditional love, hope, structure, and the opportunity to develop a solid spiritual foundation. The King’s Ranch also teaches pro-social skills, strong work ethic, and values that will enhance healthy relationships, competency, and confidence to face their future.

Hannah Homes are residential facilities where women and children fleeing domestic violence can find hope and regain their independence. Hannah Homes offer services such as, domestic violence counseling, parenting skills, substance abuse classes, education, employment, housing and childcare. “We are so grateful for your recent gift of $3,150.00,” said Lew Burdette, President of The King’s Ranch and Hannah Homes. “With your help we are able to continue helping youth, moms and children heal from their devastating past as well as providing them with the necessary skills and tools to make the next step toward independence.”

"The King’s Ranch and Hannah Homes is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to providing refuge for youth, women and children. We are pleased to provide funding to an organization that offers help, hope and opportunity to those caught in unfortunate circumstances," noted Kim Marling, Vice President of Woodforest Charitable Foundation.
For more information, please call (205) 678-8331 or visit The King’s Ranch and Hannah Homes website at

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